Photos by Samantha Robbins
In the midst of putting together an updated portfolio I came across my very first published food article. It's an oldie, but definitely a goody.
Yup, this is my Abuelo. He's been fishing for as long as I can remember.
Click here to read my article from The Independent Florida Alligator and learn how to filet, fry and sizzle a fresh catch.

Makes me want to bust out the deep fryer and cook something up!
All photos by Jake Romoser
This spring break I decided to stay away from the typical and travel to the tropical.

Puerto Rico, or the Isle of Enchantment, may be best known for its beaches, but the food rivals my grandmother's Cuban home cooking. Sorry, Abuela!
Huevos Fritos con Jamon from Kasalta Bakery in San Juan.
Three mornings in a row we visited the Kasalta Bakery in San Juan. A large building with a deli counter, pastry display, chocolate truffle station and breakfast line, we stuck out like sore thumbs in the suit and tie pre-work crowd.

I don't know much Spanish, but I became quite accustomed to asking for Huevos Fritos Con Jamon y OJ (okay, so that's Spanglish), please.

The saltiness of the ham went well with the medium fried egg, and the buttery bread was perfect for sopping up the yolk. Each texture compliment the other and I couldn't get enough of the bread's crisp crunch.
Pork medallions stuffed with ground beef and wrapped in bacon.
In Luquillo Beach we stopped for a hearty lunch at a place fondly referred to by our adorable mom-like landlord, Gloria, as "No. 2." While the service wasn't too spectacular, the food was artery-clogging and oh-so-savory.

Our Pork Medallions stuffed with Ground Beef and wrapped in Bacon was so tasty, so delicious, so out of this world, I don't even know how to describe it. The bacon added a hint of sweetness to my palate, while the capers brought a balance of salt.

I felt heavy and bloated after loading myself up with protein and carbs. Thankfully, the dish was worth the food baby.
Shrimp, Boquerones & Squid Pizzetta
For our last night in San Juan we chose an upscale little bistro sandwiched between two clothing stores. Bar Gitano's menu ranges from medium tapas like Lamb Skewers to full bodied dishes like Paella.

I'm sorry we devoured the Lamb Skewers too quickly to take photos, but new flavors developed with each juicy bite. The dish also went surprisingly well with my White Wine Sangria.

Next up came the Shrimp, Boquerones & Squid Pizzetta.
The light-as-air crust didn't overpower the dainty toppings, while the cheese brought a richness to the flavor profile of the seafood. If I could eat this pizzetta once a day for the rest of my life I would, I swear.
Seared Ahi Tuna, Chorizo, Pomegranate Seeds & Boquerones
The Seared Ahi Tuna, Chorizo, Pomegranate Seeds & Bouquerones was ordered as an afterthought. The tuna was fresh and not too chewy, however, the croutons plated underneath left me baffled. They tasted stale and didn't add anything to the dish. On the upside, the pomegranate seeds were a refreshing and unexpected twist.

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