To celebrate Cinco de Mayo it seemed only appropriate to visit an authentic Mexican restaurant with homemade dishes and a traditional flair.

That's where Taquitos Jalisco comes in.

The restaurant is a staple in Winter Garden, Fla., for its fresh ingredients, made-from-scratch dishes and live entertainment. The margaritas are pretty darn good, too.

When we pulled up to the average-looking shopping plaza I was a little skeptical, but once we opened the door and were greeted by the sounds of live music and laughter, I immediately felt at home.
Quesadilla Charra and a Margarita
After devouring the chips and salsa brought to the table, I couldn't wait for my Quesadilla Charra to arrive. A fajita quesadilla served with rice and fresh guacamole, the smokey flavor of the chicken went well with the cool, smooth guac.

Each bite was an explosion of different peppers and cheese, making the meal both enjoyable and delicious.
I only tried a bite of Jake's Enchiladas, but the gooey, doughy mess was flavorful and filling. A dollop of refried beans added a nice creaminess to my fajita quesadillas.
Postre Palenque
Almost too full for dessert, we couldn't pass up the Postre Palenque. The fried flour tortilla was deliciously crisp and made for a perfect ice cream spoon. The rich caramel flavor was so good we lapped up the melted ice cream even after the fried tortilla's were long gone.

In the end, my margaritas were a little pricier than I expected, but hey, what's Cinco de Mayo without a little (or a lot) of tequila?

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