Key lime pie ingredients
As Spring Break 2010 comes to a close, I know there are millions of college students across the country sad that all of the fun and partying is coming to a end. Well, for this week anyway.

Because I had a house full of people (I live in Key West, obviously my house is the best spring break destination for my friends.) I wasn't able to post this sooner. But, now you too can keep spring break going year round and channel your inner Key Wester by making a Key Lime Pie. Also, it's PI day! 

No, key lime pie is NOT green, and the recipe is simple and easy to follow. I found this one a few years back when I first decided to try making a key lime pie. Apparently it's Jimmy Buffett's recipe, but I'm not sure how much I really believe that. And don't worry if you aren't from a tropical climate, Publix usually carries key limes. Or, you can just by key lime juice if you're in a hurry and don't want to squeeze them yourself. Warning: Try not to eat the entire thing in one sitting, it will give you a stomach ache.. trust me.

2/3 cup key lime juice
pie crust
16 oz condensed milk
6 egg yolks

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Squeeze out 2/3 cup of key lime juice. Make sure to get all of the seeds out either with a strainer or your fingers.
3. Mix condensed milk and 6 egg yolks together
4. Add in key lime juice. Personally, I adjust how much lime juice I put in according to taste. You want it to be sweet yet a little tart, but not too tangy.
5. Mix, mix, mix
6. Pour mix into crust, and heat in oven for 20 minutes.

If you would like to make your own crust:
1. Crush up Lorna Dune cookies
2. Add a little bit of melted butter and cinnamon
3. Press it into an empty pie pan
4. Follow all of the previous key lime pie making directions


03/14/2010 8:13pm

whered you get this recipie? online?

03/14/2010 11:22pm

originally I did find it online, but over the years I've used it as more of a guideline.


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