The Scott Roll
One of my favorite local magazines, HOME: Living in the Heart of Florida, has not only great content and a great staff, but some fun food secrets to share. The magazine's publisher, Scott Costello, is obsessed with Ichiban Sushi, a restaurant that puts a modern spin on traditional japanese dishes.

When I used to work in the office, there were quite a few times we took an impromptu lunch and treated ourselves to a nice meal out. The restaurant's wood paneling and light blue walls provide the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy a midafternoon snack.

Now, I am no expert on this restaurant, or the menu, but I wanted to share my insider secret-- The Scott Roll.

The owners of Ichiban know Scott so well they put together a roll of all of his favorite things every time he comes in. Last week, the gorgeous Faith Reaves and I went in to see if we could order the scrumptious dish without Scott present. Lo-and-behold they knew exactly what we were talking about!

Each roll was tweaked slightly to our particular tastes. Faith's was light and crisp with a summer-like feel (and tuna), while mine felt more like fall with creamy flavors (and eel). Both rolls contained a mix of grouper, conch and crab.

Want to try something unexpected? Get their sweet potato fries! They're crunchy and crisp with a tangy sweet dipping sauce that will have you dipping until the last drop.


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