Ribs from Baker's Ribs - Dallas, TX
Sorry for the long absence. Getting settled in New York has taken far longer than I anticipated.  Finding furniture, moving my junk and stuffing my face at cool venues has made life a little hectic (okay, a lot hectic).

When I saw a flyer for the Big Apple BBQ Festival I knew this little piece of southern comfort was calling my name. I'm not one of those people that craves juicy, delicious, meaty ribs. I don't covet coleslaw, and I'm not a BBQ sauce connoisseur. I am, however, a fan of delicious food made with a little extra TLC.

As the weekend approached, so did the rain. I was determined not to let a torrential downpour ruin my plans. I pulled on my galoshes, grabbed an umbrella and hit the streets to see what this BBQ festival was really all about.
No caption necessary. They're finger lickin' good!
My first stop was Baker's Ribs. Now, I wish I could tell you I had a very strategic plan for where to stop and what to eat. Baker's had the shortest line that was moving quickly, and it had ribs. By the luck of the BBQ gods I found a winner. The ribs were tender and smoked to perfection. The meat was almost too good to degrade by putting sauce on top. Just a smidge of BBQ was all it took to bring out the dry rub seasoning and delicious flavor.
Pork shoulder from Blackjack BBQ - Charleston, SC
I was so enamored with those ribs, I wanted more BBQ and I wanted it immediately. Next on the list was pulled pork shoulder from Blackjack Barbecue. The line was a little bit longer, but I thought that meant it'd be worth the wait. Wrong. Although the BBQ sauce itself had great flavor, the meat was dry and the coleslaw was bland. Sorry Blackjack, I'm not a fan.
Blue Smoke Dessert & Bake Shop - New York, NY
I know I probably should have tried Blue Smoke's ribs instead of its dessert, but I'm a sucker for blueberry crumble. Make it a la mode and I'm a goner. After just one blueberry-filled bite I swear I melted into the pavement. Gooey, creamy, crunchy--all of the varying textures kept my mouth guessing. Not too sweet or rich, I had to refrain from going back for seconds.


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