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This post is sponsored by Sailor Jerry Rum.
In preparation for tomorrow's Independence Day festivities, Sailor Jerry, the iconic Americana spiced rum, has graciously shared with me two summer cocktail recipes perfect for your backyard BBQ. 

For a light, refreshing drink, make the Backyard Tea. Easy to make and great for a group, it can be batched and served as punch so guests can serve themselves -- and you can focus on manning delicious burgers and steaks searing on the grill. 

Back Yard Tea

2 parts Sailor Jerry Rum
1 part iced tea
2 parts lemonade

Glass: highball
Method: Add ingredients to in ice-filled glass and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Made with a spicy combination of ginger beer, pilsner, Tabasco and our beloved Sailor Jerry, the ingredients aptly explain its name The Hellfire. Not for the faint of heart, this cocktail - a place where sweet, spicy, and salty come together harmoniously can also provide a much needed hair of the dog the morning following a successful summer celebration.


1 part Sailor Jerry Rum
2 dashes Tabasco sauce of a fresh lime
1 part ginger beer
Pilsner beer of favourite lager beer

Glass: beer glass
  • Squeeze quarter of a lime into beer glass.
  • Fill with Ice
  • Add Tabasco, Sailor Jerry and ginger beer
  • Top with beer



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