On a random Friday night a few weeks ago, my friend Iwa and I decided to go on an adventure. After a few cocktails (specifically Moscow Mules) at Dutch Kills in Astoria (that's in Queens for those who are geographically challenged), we thought it would be a fantastic idea to catch a cab and hike over to Williamsburg (in BROOKLYN!) for dinner. And, to my surprise, it turned out to be quite a fantastic idea.

Yeah, we're a little bananas, but the food at Gwynnett St. on Graham Ave. was pure bliss.
The space itself is visually stunning. The wall mural, located in the back of the restaurant, is of the calmest blue. I felt like I was swimming in a glorious fishbowl thanks to the oceanic colors.

Originally, we were only going to get one appetizer, but our ravenous stomachs won out. If pound cake and cornbread got together and had a baby, it would be this Whiskey Bread with Cultured Butter. Moist yet textured with just a hint of sweetness, the butter almost wasn't necessary—almost.

Iwa had her eye on the Maitake Mushroom, and I am so glad she did. The mushroom came topped with creamy onion, rosemary and lardo. The dish was so succulent and meaty, if you closed your eyes you would have sworn you were eating a steak. My only qualm is that we devoured the small portion so quickly.
For my entree, I went with the Sea Scallops. They were cooked perfectly, and I enjoyed the varying textures of the almonds, fava beans and stinging nettles. After eating this dish, I'm convinced fava beans and scallops were made for one another. Seriously. It's like earth meets ocean in my mouth. Additionally, the plating was unexpected and rather fun.
Iwa's Duck Breast with wild rice, bell pepper and goose berries was another contrastingly textured dish. Earthy with pops of brightness (thanks to the goose berries), the meat wasn't too tough. I almost would have preferred quinoa or lentils to the wild rice, but that's just me being picky.
I have taken it upon myself to name our dessert "PB&J Deconstructed." My mouth starts watering at just the thought of this dish (add in the picture and I'm literally drooling on my keyboard). I wasn't sure what to expect with the minimal ingredient list provided, but my goodness was this the best thing I ate all night. Milk Chocolate, peanut and black currant. That's it. That's all it is. The milk chocolate was silky smooth, while the peanut tasted just like wonder bread (in a good way) with the tart black currant gelato.
This one picture pretty much sums up our entire dinner experience at Gwynnett St. Multiple times Iwa and I had to remind ourselves it isn't classy to literally lick your plate clean. We both also went into slight food comas after this image was taken.


07/19/2012 5:58am

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